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Question Newbie needs help!

I dl'd and purchased SD 1.5.5 (v74) last week, removed every trace (so I thought, anyway) of CarbonCopyCloner from my drive, and ran SD's basic "Backup - All Files" script.

But I was overwhelmed by the info on using cronCronniX to schedule SD, so I just planned to run it manually until I could figure out the scheduling (I've never written or edited scripts).

Now I'm amazed and puzzled by the fact that _something_ is continuing to perform a backup every evening at 7:30 p.m., which is when I had set up CCC to do the job.

The SD log seems to indicate that it hasn't run since my last manual run a few days ago.

QUESTION: What vestige of CCC might still be performing daily backups? How can I find it and put it to rest?
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