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partitioning question

I have a MacBook (Intel) with a 320GB HD and as I recently suffered an HD failure (and had the drive replaced under warranty), I picked up a G-Tech G-Drive Mini 500GB ext. HD to use for archiving (w/Time Machine) and bootable backup (with SuperDuper!). I should mention that I have 210GB of stuff total (system/programs/files) on the on-board HD at present. Iíve read everything I can find about using these two programs in tandem, but Iím still unclear as to whether it would be best to reformat the external drive with two partitions (one each for TM and SD) or load both programs onto the same (single) partition. What are the pros and cons of each approach? Also, in my given scenario, how much space should I allocate to each partition (if using two)? I am not terribly tech savvy (as I suspect you have already discerned), so please be gentle!

Thanks in advance for your help.
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