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Thank you very much for your quick response (I had read somewhere that you provide fast feedback!). I do not think the Copy Newer/Different options will work for exactly the reason you point out: they will not remove files/folders from the target that are no longer on the source. Over the course of a work day or work evening, I do delete and move files and folders as well as edit files, so it is important the the target's file structure be forced to match the source's file structure.

While I have already paid for SD!, I don't think I can wait until a Smart Update function has been implemented; that's a little too risky! I can poke around for other programs. If you have any advice, I'd be grateful to hear it. I imagine you are pretty knowledgeable about the competition... Frankly, the simpler the program (or at least the interface), the better. I really don't want to do more update-wise than what I described in my original post. Thanks.
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