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Funky permissions

I just purchased SD! and while I'm happy with the performance and options available, I'm encountering a problem that has appeared in both SD! and CCC.

My 'Microsoft User Data' folder in 'Documents' is changing permissions to 'root' instead of my name. I double checked it with the original volume and it has definitely changed. Reading some of the other posts I also checked my UID as there are 2 users on my system, but it all appears that I am set as 501.

I haven't gone into great depths to see what other permissions may have changed but some little odd things involving Keychains happen here and there that would indicate other permissions have changed too.

I've repaired permissions prior to a clone, even while booted off the CD. I'm running 10.3.3. Is it better to clone a volume while booted from another startup disk?

Any insight appreciated. I've used Chop to force Entourage to work in the meantime. Thanks.
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