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Copy Fails in SDv2.1 due to ACL entries

I've been attempting to clone an external drive with one volume that's used as a data drive for an OS X 10.4 Server. The Mac server is a PowerMac G4 dual 1.25GHz system running 10.4.6 Server.

About 2 weeks ago the SuperDuper Cloning process began failing with this error:

| 03:15:12 AM | Info | /Volumes/Data/FileServer
| 05:37:16 AM | Error | SDCopy(29569) malloc: *** vm_allocate(size=8421376) failed (error code=3)

Dave, the developer has told me the failures are most likely due to some bad ACL entries. When I reviewed the destination or (cloned drive's ACL entries) only about 50 to 100 folders at the top level had any ACL entries. All of the other cloned files had only standard Unix permissions. Almost all of the source drive's files and folders have ACL entries attached to them.

This external data drive has 400GB worth of data, several hundred thousand files and folders. So a couple questions for you:

Has anyone experienced this type of error when using a similar type setup? If so, how were you able to resolve it?

Note: I've ran DiskWarrior v3.03 on this external volume and Apple's Disk Utility and there were no directory problems found.

Thanks for any input you may have!

PS - SD works fine when cloning the boot volume on this system. Other than this problem I love the product and recommend it wholeheartedly!
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