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Error when running SuperDuper via shell script

Hi again,

I have a UNIX shell script which I run daily and this in turn just runs a few separate applescripts, each of which performs some specific backup task using SuperDuper.

I've noticed that the last of four backup applescripts fails on Mondays. This last script tells SuperDuper to backup all files on a volume using the Erase & Copy mode (the rest of the week it just adds new files).

The last few lines of SuperDuper log show:

13/15/3295253471-1649948923.cache: Operation not permitted
|05:51:16 PM|Error| rm: /Volumes/Home_backup/vince/Library/Caches/Safari/13/15/3526366423-1952403445.cache: Operation not permitted
|05:51:16 PM|Error| rm: /Volumes/Home_backup/vince/Library/Caches/Safari/13/15/4252024027-2937615615.cache: Operation not permitted
|05:51:16 PM|Error| rm: fts_read: Operation not permitted

At this point the script stops (presumably because it can't erase the target backup volume). But the odd thing is that this only occurs when I run the applescript as the last of four applescripts in a UNIX shell script. When I just run the apple script on its own (by double clicking in the finder) it seems to work ok, and it then deletes the files that it couldn't remove before.

I need to do more testing, because the second time I run the script by hand, there has obviously already been a lot of files deleted from the first failed attempt, so it is not exactly a fair comparison.

Any thoughts on this Dave?

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