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Smart Copy Stuck

Hi Gang

I have 2.6.2 - using 10.4.11

I recently bought #3 Hatachi Deskstar 2TB Drives.

I took one of them and mounted it in an OWC Mecury Elite enclosure. *The enclosure is working fine.

I used Disk Utility to Erase, and Journal using Mac OS Extended. I partitioned into 5 Partitions hoping to copy the contents of 5 separate older Lacie Drives.

I'm trying to use 'Smart Copy' to copy the contents of one of the Lacie drives into the 2TB partitioned drive, (one of the partitions).

It seems to be stuck 1/2 way - won't progress any further ....

Any ideas? Bad drive? Bad Super Duper?

I do have Disk Warrior

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