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I have two Maxtor One Touch external firewire drives and also two Seagate external firewire drives connected to various computers. Each of these (maxtor and Seagate) models has the one touch or push button backup button. Those buttons simply activate a program, and you can designate SuperDuper! to be that program. By default the Maxtor designates Retrospect and the Seagate designates Bounceback, but you can change that using the directions in the user manuals that they provide. The instructions are very clear.

That said, I don't recomend using the push button backup, or one touch backup, (unless you plan to never update your operating system). the reason is that the button backup is enabled only when you install the included drivers -- and sometimes those drivers need to be updated when a new incremental Mac OS update comes out. This is one more thing to worry about, and I prefer not to have to deal with that. Without the drivers installed (i.e. just take the drive out of the box and use it as is new after using Disk Utility to format it), the push button does nothing.

SuperDuper is, of course, a mere "two click" backup anyway -- one click on the dock icon and one more click to start the smart copy/update. and those two mouse clicks takes less energy than reaching down and over to push the button anyway on the drive! And the "two click" way doesn't require drivers that may need updating.
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