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Error in Cloning - Damaged Items/AECore, lstat(): 0

Hi All,

I am just trying the product but I have had the same error twice. I am assuming it is my computer's problem and not SD.

|10:36:15 AM|Info| Ignoring /private/var/run
|10:36:15 AM|Info| Ignoring /private/var/vm
|10:48:24 AM|Info| WARNING: Caught I/O exception(22): Invalid argument
|10:48:24 AM|Info| WARNING: Source: /Damaged Items/AECore, lstat(): 0
|10:48:24 AM|Info| WARNING: Target: /Volumes/Macintosh HD Backup/Damaged Items/AECore, lstat(): -1
|10:48:25 AM|Info| WARNING: Could not copy file with Cocoa frameworks. Attempting to copy with ditto.
|10:48:25 AM|Error| ditto: can't get real path for source

Any comments welcome.


Jim Mol
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