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Strange Alias appeared after a restore? Help!!!

Hi, David

I have used the SuperDuper! for three weeks. On my PowerBook G4 12', I have three partition, A-6GB, B-80GB, C-6GB ( so called sandbox )

Here comes my tiny problem. After a successfull "Backup-all files" from Drive A to Drive B, the program created a disk image in Drive B which is called A.dmg. I didn't use the Disk Utility from OS X to make a empty Disk first, does that matter? Anyway, after that, I tried to restore the Whole partition with that Image, please notice that in the process there is no external drive, every thing happened in the 100 GB internal Drive between three partitions.
After the restoring, the Drive A recovered finely, except three or four disgusting Alias file appeared. By the way, they also can not be deleted, I actually tried that, and then the whole system callapsed. Help, please.

Frome the forum search, I got a idea that it maybe caused by the wrongly named Disk Image, but I just can not find out what is the rirght way.

Thanks million in advance. Cheers!
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