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Originally Posted by dnanian
Sorry if I wasn't clear.

Refreshing the Safety Clone isn't strictly necessary, given that you've already installed the application there, but it does ensure that it reflects the state of the base drive.

If you don't do that, though, the two drives end up diverging more extensively as time goes on.
Thank you for your quick and patient answer, Dave.

I am sorry to insist, but I want to be sure I understood you completely.

You boot from the Safety Clone.
Thus, the base drive does not change. The Safety Clone does.
You roll back, install new tested apps.
Then, you refresh the Safety Clone setting it to a state combining clean base drive original untouched state + mentionned new installs.

In other words, do you mean that you refresh the Safety Clone so that it does not diverge from the untouched original base, not the contrary.

Am I wright ?

SuperDuper! is great.
Thanks again.

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