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SuperDuper 2.6.4 and RAID 0 Target


I have an external boot drive with our software package 'image' which I clone to target machines using SuperDuper 2.6.4., ( the package consists of Mac OS 10.6.8, the target machines are all MacPro 2.66GHX Dual Core Xeon)

Process wise, on a particular target workstation I boot from the External FW800 drive, which has Superduper installed. Then I run SuperDuper, select the boot drive as the Copy drive and the Internal drive of the target as the destination. Then Copy all files. Works great.

However if the Target machine has an "internal volume" consisting of a couple of RAID 0 physical drives, Superduper fails to copy and in fact hoses the RAID.

It seems to unmount one of the RAID slices trying to erase the overall RAID volume.

Is this 'normal'? Maybe SD can't clone a single drive backup to RAID Volume?


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