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Can you please review my backup plans?

Thanks! I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly. I'm already re-partitioning my drive after putting data on it because I didn't make a seperate partition for my clone. Now copying data OFF the external drive so I can re-format it. LOL

OK, here's my setup:

Mac mini with internal 80GB super drive, running OS X 10.4.2
External LaCie Firewire drive, 160GB (funny, I thought this was a lot of storage until I've read some user's posts here, GOOD LORD, I wouldn't know what to do with 500+GB of space)

OK, so my plan is: ~80GB partition for backup, named "Macintosh HD" (same as my internal drive)

~16GB partition for my safety clone, named "Clone"

Balance for my extra data.

I think I've got how it works figured out. I will create a backup-all files, then I will create a safety clone that I will boot to and run off of. I'm trying to wrap my mind around that, because it seems counter-intuitive, like it would slow down my system or something, since now it has to work between the system and an external drive?

Then, if something goes wrong with my safety clone, I can switch back to the original by holding option when restarting and choosing the original. I will keep a folder on my data drive with all installers of applications I've added, so it is easy to reinstall. After a while of working on the safetly clone, and things are still hunky dory (haven't used that phrase in a while) I will restart to the original, and use the smart update for safety clone.

OK, I feel better and more confident now that I've typed it all out. Does the above make (relative) sense?


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