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Backup Failure

I wanted to use an old USB drive that is filled up with old stuff, but, even when empty, is too small to backup my internal drive (and too small to even handle my Home folder), to back up my Documents folder. So, I created a "customized" script (backup user files, exclude everything except my Documents folder) and asked SD! to perform a Smart Update to that drive. However, when I ran it, it failed, indicating the following error:

| 06:15:43 AM | Error | 2011-01-10 06:15:43.852 SDCopy[1347:613] NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception:
| 06:15:44 AM | Error | NSUncaughtSystemExceptionException -- Uncaught system exception: signal 10
| 06:15:44 AM | Error | Stack trace: 0x98da3378 0x96daa46b 0xffffffff 0x96d6e25b 0x96d6e1ed 0x6c8e 0x5416 0x3405 0xa14d 0x2406 0x232d 0x11

What happened?
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