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drive doesn't stay unmounted...


MacPro 2006, Snow Leopard, Superduper 2.6.1.

Nightly backup at 2:30 am to an internal but unmounted drive.

Previous to Snow Leopard and 2.6.1, the copy-to unmounted drive was mounted by Superduper for use, then unmounted when the copy was completed.

Now, when I get to my computer in the morning, the drive is mounted, Superduper is up and running and the "Scheduled Copies" window is open.

The log shows:

PHASE: 3. After Successful Copy
Copy complete.

and there seem to be no problems with the copy.

Is this new behaviour known? Something specific to me / my setup?

If it is known, will it be changed in the future, so that the unmounted drive once again winds up unmounted after the copy?


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