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Back up drive can be found in start-up disk pref pane, but still cannot boot from

Hello, first let me express my gratitude to Shirt Pocket and their fabulous program. I have not yet registered for the full version but DO plan to.

Next is a question I'm sure this group all knows and loves, boot issues.

First thing, my intent is basically to completely swap out an old hard drive for my new one, I have that feeling my old drive is about to bite it completely so I need to be able to remove the old one should the time come.

The new drive is a 250g Samsung internal HD

The computer is a G5 Powermac and the new and old drives are both installed in the upper and lower bays (respectively). OSX 10.4.6

I cloned the new drive using "Erase, then copy", and had no problems at all.

The new drive shows up in the Start-Up disk preference pane yet when selecting the new drive and restarting I'm stuck on the gray screen with the Apple logo. Interesting to note, if I start up holding the option key and select the new drive, it will still freeze on the gray screen but this time with the diagonal dash across circle symbol where the Apple Logo should be.

Restarting from the old drive, I examined the contents of the new drive and everything seemed intact, except that instead of the nice themed folder icons for Applications, Library, System, Users etc. (and same thing for my main user folders) only the generic folder icons appear when I view the contents of the new HD (sorry for that vague description). The contents of these folders are all still there though.

One more side question, when you change the startup disk, does this also change a drives mount point location? Does the mount point come into play here at all?

Any thoughts? I appreciate any help you guys can lend me, thanks!
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