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Multiple drive to Single drive backup

I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to streamline the following backup scenario with SD!:

Mac: has two drives, a system disk and a data disk
Backup: External backup drive (a rotated set of these) big enough to hold the contents of both the system and data disks on the Mac.

My goal is to plug in the backup drive, "say go" and come back when it's all done just as if I was doing a single drive to drive backup. After digging through the manual, it looks like the following might work:
1) Partition the external backup drives to roughly mirror the sizes of the Mac's drives
2) Establish one or both of scheduled backups and Backup on Connect for each internal drive.

Thoughts? Would it be sufficient to setup just Backup On Connect for each source drive, or do I need scheduled backups to efficiently manage multiple drives (or some other setup entirely)? Any wrinkles with using a rotated backup set?


P.S. Given how many times SD! has saved my bacon, it's pretty much the "cheapest" app on the planet now. Thanks!
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