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Thanks for your note Dave.

Yes, I would use smart update in backing up my Music folder... if I could smart update just folders, rather than drives.

As I understand it, I cannot do that with Super Duper. Am I wrong?

Since all the music is on a 120 Gb drive, I guess I could partition my new 500 Gb drive so that one partition is 120 Gb and is called "Music Backup" and then run Super Duper to dupe to that.

But I'd rather just be able to dupe a folder. And then smart update it later.

I understand the point of the above poster about simplicity. But the simplicity of Super Duper is likely to cause me to have to go find and learn how to operate another backup program. That isn't simple either.

It seems to me admittedly from my outsider, customer perspective that it wouldn't be too difficult to have Super Duper ask me "Do you want to back up a drive or a folder?" or some such. Seems like just a minor variation on what the program is already doing.

But as I said, I'm just a lowly customer/user.

And it's still a great program which I recommend all the time.
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