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scheduled backups are not running

My computer has one admin account that I use to install programs and maintain the machine. My other users do their day-to-day work in regular user accounts.

SuperDuper! is installed, registered, configured, and scheduled via the admin account. I've noticed that my schedules (three of them: separate jobs for weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays) are not running. The day the schedule is set to run continues to update (i.e. every day the schedule says it will run on that day), but my logs never show any activity. The log date is still from when I made the original "full" backup.

It's as if since I'm not logged into my admin account at the time of the scheduled job, SuperDuper! never runs.

I assumed that SuperDuper! scheduled its jobs via cron, and therefore should run system-wide regardless of who if anybody is logged in, so long as Mac OS X is running. What's going on?
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