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No, Time Machine won't make SuperDuper obsolete (at least not the way that Time Machine is currently implemented). This blog post by Dave Nanian discusses the differences between Time Machine and Super Duper and why you should think of them as complementary tools.

It is my understanding that you cannot boot directly from a Time Machine backup; see for example this section from John Siracusa's review of Leopard at the ars technica web site. It sounds like you'd have to boot up from your Leopard install DVD, and then do a restore from your Time Machine disk back to the primary drive. That's assuming of course that your primary drive hasn't failed, and that you have a bootable disk that you can restore back to.

I agree with you that it couldn't hurt to have two different kinds of backups. I personally am waiting on a "blessed" version of SuperDuper before I upgrade to Leopard, so I haven't decided for sure whether I'll use Time Machine or not; but I absolutely will continue to use SuperDuper.
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