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Hi, Matt -- welcome to the Macintosh! Here's hoping you love it.

A few things: first, the Safety Clone need not be as large as the main drive. 8-12GB or so should do it, because the vast majority of the data remains on your original drive, and is shared. To answer the questions about that sharing...

- All items under /Users are shared, so that includes Movies, Photos and the like. Any folders you create in here while on the Safety Clone are being created in the original location, so they'll be there when you boot back.

- Non-Apple apps are just shortcuts back to the original... shared. If you delete the shortcut, you're only doing that, nothing else. Any applications you install while on the Safety Clone will be isolated to that clone, if installed in the non-User area (i.e. in the normal locations).

- When running applications, they're using the system on the Safety Clone, even if they're shared.

- /Library is considered copied (although the iSync data in there is shared). We'll be making a change in the future to also share the OpenBase folder there, which -- surprisingly -- is where OpenBase stores its data.

- If you create new directories, as explained above, they're picked up, because they're really being created on the original drive.

I don't think there are any issues with using SoftRAID, as long as SoftRAID now supports booting, as I believe it does.

Hope that helps!
--Dave Nanian
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