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Suggestions for first usage of SD

I'm planning on ordering SD. Before I use it, I'd like to develop a strategy for the best backup/use of my equipment. I've got an 80GB Powerbook and my wife has a 60GB Powerbook. Chances are that she'll never pass 20GB of files. I however am the power user of the family. My plan is to work pretty much exclusively off of a 250GB Firewire 800 drive. This will also be the drive that I do my backups. All of my MP3's and photos are sitting on my old desktop and I need to find a place for those. I'm not as concerned with carrying all of my MP3's on my Powerbook, because I have my iPod. My thought is to add them somewhere on the Firewire drive and let iTunes know where they are..

My initial ideas is to create 3 partitions:
1 - My Powerbook Backup (which will be mainly the OS and the App's) and a few files that I'm currently working on
2 - All of my files, MP3's, photos, documents
3 - My wife's Powerbook partition ( which will be her entire drive including OS and files)

Here are my questions:
Should I partition the FW drive? What is the best strategy and practice for backing up my files? What files should I keep on my PB if any? If I leave all my files on the FW drive, then am I really "backuping up". I'm leaving myself open to the FW drive failing. I still have a Desktop Mac that I'm using also as a FW drive. Can I use SD to copy #2 (all of my files) to the Desktop Mac's hard drive?

Sorry for the rambling and all the questions. I just want to be sure I set everything up correctly.

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