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Recent Mac convert need help replacing disk

Hello guys, I have a MBP with a 120HD (almost full). I purchase a 500HD with the idea of replacing the 120 with it. A friend recomended SupperDuper and I made the purchase today. I also purchase an external WD MyBook 500gb FW400/800 with the idea to use it for the transition and then as a backup drive. I have a lot of data Im affraid of loosing so I want to make sure I have my steps in order here.

I plan to ;
1 - use SD to backup to ro the MyBook
2 - replace the internal 120 with the 500
3 - boot from the MyBook
4 - use SD to copy from the MyBook to the internal 500
5 - boot from the internal 500
6 - continue to use the My Book for backup

Am I missing anything here.

All tip and advices are welcome.

Thank you.
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