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How do I change format of HD


Greetings from Australia. Sorry if this is a dumb question. My Macbook Pro was formatted in MAC extended and NOT journaled. When I have tried to partition for bootcamp it says my software needs to be updated. I have read in forums that this is because the HD is not the "jounaled" format.

I have just tried to erase and reformat using the disk utility as MAC extended Journaled then restore files from my backup drive using Super Duper. As far as I can see when it erases tne receiving HD (my computer HD) before restoring the files it re formats it back to the old MAC extended without the journaled.

I am back where I started. Is their something I am doing wrong. How can I get back everything exactly the same but be a MAC extended journaled format so I can use bootcamp please.

I really want to set this up correctly and use windows for some specific applications.

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