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"ignore" actually deletes stuff with smartupdate

Hi !

SuperDuper rocks, i try to have as many clients buy it as possible.

But there is one dangerous misbehavior.

When you smart update a volume to a drive, anything that is in a path ignored on the volume will be deleted from the drive. For instance, let's say that you have a file in the /.Trashes/ folder of your drive. When you run a smart update, it will be deleted.
That might not be a problem with the Trash. But it's a problem for a lot of people who have the idea of ignoring .Spotight-v100 : the drive's index is removed.

It's also a problem for me. I want to make a clone of my system. But i also want to keep on my external hardrive 100 gigs of stuff. I cannot do a smartupdate because even if i store this stuff in an "ignored" folder, it will get deleted.

I suggest making another option besides "share","copy", and "ignore" : that would be "leave this folder as it is on the destination drive"

well, thanks anyway for the great work
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