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I'm not aware of any software that conflicts with netTunes, but that doesn't mean there isn't any.

Clicks aren't terribly "data intensive", so the fact that a click occurs quickly may just mean that it's not enough data to notice that things aren't working well.

There are a few things I'd suggest:

- Since you're working on AirPort, try power cycling your AirPort base station (and, I'd suggest, restarting all the computers attached to it). It's possible that there's a progressive problem in the base station that's causing a problem.

- Similarly, if you've got some routers or switches involved there, power cycle them.

- If that doesn't help, it's possible that you're getting significant interference on your wireless: did you add any new phones to your house or anything like that? Try using the "automatic" setting in the AirPort Base Station admin utility to adjust the base to a clear channel.

That's at least a place to get started: let me know if it helps.
--Dave Nanian
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