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Cool I have a powerbook G4 and I run Tiger.

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Actually, it says you need to use a FireWire drive for a Power PC Mac.

USB drives won't work as startup drives for Power PC Macs (at least under all OSes before Leopard - we've had some reports that Leopard allows Power PC Macs to boot Intel, but I haven't tested this myself).

In addition, they're significantly slower than FireWire drives, can have power issues when drawing power from the USB port (sometimes requiring "vampire plugs"), step down in speed when low-speed devices are present on the same bus, etc.

So: we definitely prefer FireWire here. But, for Intel at least, USB will work for startup.
I have a powerbook G4 and I run Tiger. As I said in my original post I can boot form an external USB drive without any problems. You are right about it being slow but I can live with it if there are no other drawbacks.
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