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While Mozy is a great service for pure online backups, may I suggest you try Phanfare for archiving photos and videos.

I started using Phanfare a couple of weeks ago when I realized I really needed to get my backups off site. Not only does Phanfare support the full archival of photos (up to 20MBs each) and videos (10mins or 2GBs), you have full access to actually VIEW them! Mozy can't give you that type of access. Phanfare also has multiple back up locations and one of those locations is Amazon S3.

You can then share all your photos and videos with family members or not. The service allows for very good security controls.

The pricing is very reasonable at $55/year or $299 once for a lifetime account.

As someone who is very much into backing up my files either through SuperDuper (which is used for my daily backups to redundant external storage) and Mozy for pure online archival, Phanfare was a great service that could do both. Archival of all my digital photos and videos while still being able to view them.
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