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Unhappy Can't Boot from FW Backup

Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help. The internal HD on my 2002 Quicksilver 933 MHz got an Invalid Index Key error that couldn't be repaired with Apple's Disk Utility or Drive Genius. I made a bootable clone of the drive with SuperDuper! onto a brand new Maxtor 500 GB FW drive, but I can't boot with it. I've read the FAQ and made sure the partition is set to APM. Maybe it cloned the bad B-tree as well?

I want to clone it to a new internal 500 GM Western Digital HD, but I don't want to waste a day backing up 400 GBs only to get an non-bootable drive.

My plan now is to install OS X 10.4.11 on the new WD drive and then use the migration assistant to transfer files from the SuperDuper! created clone to the new WD drive.

That is unless anyone here can tell my why the Maxtor clone won't boot.

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