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Time Travel and SuperDuper!

I purchased SD earlier tonight and have a couple questions I couldn't find answered in the manual or here...sorry if I missed them.

What happens if I'm currently running a clone or sandbox and Time Machine executes?

Here's a sample scenario:

Latest Time Machine Backup is April 1 00:00
I've booted to a clone made on March 15 00:00 and Time Machine starts to execute. It would "see" that my TM backup drive has two weeks worth of files newer than it has, so what would it back up if anything? I'm assuming it wouldn't overwrite my newer TM backup or corrupt it in some way, but any clarification would be very helpful.

My other question has to do with partition type. My SD drive came from LaCie partitioned as APM, but I am NOT using TM on the SD drive. Should I reformat as GUID since I'm using an Intel Mac, or is it ok to leave it as APM since I'm not using TM on it?

Much thanks!!

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