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When Dave says "images" he's referring to the virtual hard drives Fusion and Parallels Desktop create. To virtualisation software those images = Windows installation + Windows data, but to OS X they're just application data files like any other; consequently, SuperDuper! can back them up along with the rest of your data. Most Windows software runs fine in such an environment. You really only need Boot Camp if you're a non-casual gamer or if you're running CPU- and GPU-intensive software like a Windows-only 3D modelling application. If you can get by without having to boot into Windows, then yes, simply using VMware or Parallels will make your life (and backup routine) easier.

Regarding the actual software, I'm a registered Parallels user, but ignored my license and got Fusion anyway. I find it to be *much* better across the board: it's faster, it's more stable, and Fusion's Unity works better (in my experience) than Parallels' Coherence mode. Both have trials, so you can try them both, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend VMware Fusion.

Hope that helps.
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