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unable to do system restore :-(

I have a mac mini intel and am a quite new mac user. I use mac mini with os x 10.4.7 with all new updates. I wanted to add a bigger 2,5" disk instead of the original and wanted to try using superduper! to test how this works.

Well it doesnt. It makes a sparse image to my usb2 lacie drive without whining. The problem is the restore. I boot from mini install cd and can mount the image from the usb drive and I see all the files and stuff inside.

I try to follow the user guide very thoroughly but it just says I should follow the instructions on the restore tab. The restore functions says that you can use an image from another url or drag'n drop the file in (yes it works in os x) but I dont seem to be able to drag and drop anything in diskutility when I boot from install CD. Not from the drivewindow(on the left in diskutil) nor from the file menu. In the filemenu the sparse image is grayed out (behind 'image' button (right from source image)).

Ive tried to make the image two times very successfully with same resore outcome.

Any advice is welcome here. In the meantime ill try: mode or url mode from my other mac system restore
3.carbon copy cloner

This was not very good experience in backin up :-(
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