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Ah, that's good news about the backup. The Windows installation has already started, so there's no turning back now.

I was considering Parallels, but the key problems are that:

a) I have to create a separate disk image, rather than using the partition that was created by Boot Camp, meaning that I'd have a number of Windows installations. This isn't a problem on its own, since I could just use Parallels without a separate Boot Camp installation, but...

b) I need access to the Firewire connection under Windows. I'm going to be running a high-speed camera for an experiment I'm working on, which connects via Firewire. The Data Acquisition software is Windows only, hence the Windows installation. Since Parallels can't access peripherals, it isn't an option for me.

So I have to find a way of backing up the Windows partition to a Mac disk using a Mac OS X backup solution.

Incidentally, the Windows installation went like a charm. Now to wait for the inevitable deluge of viruses and malware rendering the whole thing useless...

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