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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Well, on my system I routinely check over 1.5 million files and folder in about 12 minutes. Even when you exclude files, we scan the drive.

It's very unusual for it to take 40 minutes, though, if nothing has changed. If you look at the bottom of the log for one of these runs, how many files does it say were actually copied, and how much data?
I just ran "Backup - all files" (the smart version):
628 517 files evaluated, 7 833 files copied. Effective copy speed 34,53 MB/s.

I have an iMac G4 800 MHz, and copy from the internal drive (don't remember its rpm) to an external firewire 400 drive. Both the internal drive and the backup partition is quite low on space (~1 GB empty). Could this be the reason Superduper now runs about 10 minutes slower than it did when I first got the program?

Edit: this backup took 34:08 to finish.

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