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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
No, you can't do that... but it won't help. System files aren't really changing. If it's taking 40 minutes, it's likely that you changed a lot of information... or you're using FileVault/Parallels/VirtualPC/Something that deals with very large files...
Wow, that was fast! Thanks!

Ok, sad to hear I can't do what I wanted.

I can't think of any app I run that changes lots of information, or is disk intensive. I don't run any app of those you mention.

I don't think it's file copying that takes the most time, but checking through lots of files that don't need copying. (As it takes about the same time to backup all files if nothing changed on disk.) Since, as you say, system files don't change often, I would have wanted not to let Superduper sync those files.

Is there any way to see where on the drive that Superduper spends most of its time? That is, what parts of the directory structure.

If you think the time it takes to backup my drive seems too long, I'd like to hear if you have any suggestions to make it go faster. I know my main drive is quite slow to begin with.
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