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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
We elected to combine the 4th and 5th "weeks" into one, so if you have five Mondays in a single week and you choose the 4th week, you'll get two backups. We thought it better to do too many than too few, and there are seldom "5th" weeks. "Every Monday" will be every Monday, regardless of week (if all are selected).

And any backup that's not "ready" when the time comes (for whatever reason) will be skipped. If the computer is on and the drive isn't there, we leave SuperDuper! up with the Scheduled Copies window open (and red) so you can tell something has gone wrong.

If you erase-and-restore you do lay down unfragmented files. The "directory", though, is not unfragmented/optimized.

Finally, we don't do two-way sync. While you can copy one way, only use the other and then copy the other way, the source always wins, so conflicts can be a problem if you're not careful.
I want to be sure I understand you perfectly, on two points...

1. Re the 5th Monday in a week...

Say I back up every Monday, alternating backup drives "xyz" and "ABC."

If I've scheduled back up to "Drive xyz" on every 4th Monday, then on a 5th Monday of the month, I should have that same drive hooked up and ready to go, and the same kind of backup that occurred last Monday will occur again, meaning I've backed up to "Drive xyz" twice in a row. The Monday after that, I'll have "Drive ABC" hooked up and ready to go as usual.

Do I understand correctly? (How it works is no problem, just want to be sure I understand.)

2. Re synchronizing tower & laptop...

I'm not sure I understand your last sentence. I think you're saying I really should use a different program to do ordinary synchronization (which would do it in one user step). And that's okay. You mention I could use SD! to copy in one direction, and then back again. But if I did that (presumably checking "copy newer files" or "copy changed files"), it would not delete any files on one computer that had been deleted on the other, thus not really doing a proper sync—so using a different program would be the way to go. Do I understand correctly?

And is there a section of the manual you can point me to, to better understand your comment "the source always wins, so conflicts can be a problem if you're not careful"?

Thanks for clarifying.
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