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Thanks for your reply.
My exact question is: 'how can i make a scheduled backup with 2 different external drives?'

When changing the drives, SuperDupers! schedule can't find the new target.
I've tested the schedule with some extra jobs. One after 10 minutes, the next after 20 minutes, following...
After 10 minutes, when SuperDuper! is ready, i changed the drive to another (named the same).
The schedule gives an error 'can't find target volume'.
After that i changed the drive back, waiting for the next schedule.
Of course the next job went well.

I unchecked the preference 'remember source and destination'.

I can make a different schedule for each drive, i can name them different, thats not the point.
Is it possible to make a scheduled backup to 2 different external drives with the same name and schedule?



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