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Follow up

I partitioned with the Apple Partition Map scheme.

When I boot, nothing, blinking cursor, top left of screen.

Please elaborate on, "did you use GUID or APM?", I am a bit unclear....

I cloned to an external USB hard disk.

My 'concept' or purpose is to increase the hard disk size to a larger one, so I clone it to the external device, remove the hard disk from the external device (USB), install it in the laptop, and expect to boot.

Am I missing something?

Thanking you all for your continued assistance.

I have a Wed AM appt at my clients for 'selling him' this backup process.

He has 4 Macs, and all I want to do is have a disaster recovery procedure in place, similar to what I do with PC's in the Windows world, and I use Acronis True Image + Symantec BackupExec there....and it's seamless.

I assumed that I'd be the guinea pig for my test with my own Mac (ok guys, at least I made the jump and I'm on the Mac bandwagon now..... a few years ago, I wouldn't even look, but now, I'm a convert, hence my eagerness to solve this issue).

Hoping for a resolve
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