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iPhoto and iTunes

I know this has had to be asked before, but could not find it anywhere:

I am using "Backup - all files" to backup my PowerBook. I like the fact that ". . . no files will be removed" yet I don't want to retain the iTunes files and the iPhoto pics I erase on my machine.

I usually erase files from iPhoto and from iTunes between backups. These are songs and pictures I will not need again. So when I do a backup, the songs and pictures I have erased, remain on my external hard drive. I find myself going in manually after each backup to erase from the external those songs and pics I have erased from my machine.

How can I make SD erase from my external drive the iPhoto and iTunes files I have erased from my machine since last backup and at the same time keep all other files I have deleted (the ones that are not from the iPhoto and iTunes libraries) In other words, I want a true copy of my iPhoto and iTunes libraries but not of the rest of my hard drive.

I hope I explained it right!
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