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Our network drive automounting is done by retaining an alias to the image file. We resolve the alias, and the system automatically mounts the drive the image is on. This should certainly work with an NTFS volume, as long as a normal alias to the file will resolve and mount. Why it's not working for you, I don't know, unfortunately.

You can certainly mount it with a script. If this is primarily an issue of scheduled copies, open the Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Scheduled Copies folder, then Control-click your scheduled copy and choose "Show Package Contents".

Once you're in there, you can edit the Copy Job.applescript file. Right at the top, there's a "before" and "after" section that can be used to run preflight and postflight commands. Simply add what's neede to mount the drive in the preflight area (and unmount in the postflight, if desired). Then, save the script.

Go back into SuperDuper, open the Scheduled Copies window, and edit the scheduled copy by double-clicking. Uncheck and re-check the checkbox, and we'll recompile the script for you.

That should do it.
--Dave Nanian
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