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Thanks for the shell script. The line...

chflags nouchg /Volumes/A/System/Library/CoreServices/BootX;
gave permissions problems for me when I tried executing that script.

What ended up working, though was the following Applescript, which is called by a shell script, which is called by Super Duper

The Applescript:

tell application "Finder" to exists disk "iMac"

--change the boot volume and restart if the result is true

if the result then do shell script "/usr/sbin/bless -folder '/Volumes/iMac/System/Library/CoreServices' -setOF;/sbin/shutdown -r now" password "admin_password" with administrator privileges --put your admin password in for "admin_password", otherwise it will use a pop up dialog to ask the password.
And the shell script that calls it:

#! /bin/sh

osascript /Volumes/A010/Users/jaimev/Documents/
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