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Wierd yellow firewire sign when testing target mode

I created two partitions on my Lacie Porshe 160GB drive. One called "Image" for the entire bootable image and one called "Backups" where I plan on storing future user file backups. I created a full backup image of my 15" Powerbook hard drive onto the Image partition.

When SuperDuper! was done I mounted the Image partition and saw that all my files were there along with all the OS X system ones. The last step of the image process was to make the image bootable.

I reboot the Powerbook and hold down T to test the image and try to boot off of it. But all I see is this yellow firewire logo bouncing around and nothing else happens. Does this mean that my image is not bootable?

First time using SuperDuper! and firewire target mode.
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