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Zeroing & naming partitions

In your discussion wwith kswaty you said it is necessary to “zero”, rather than simply erasing when partitioning, which can be done by formatting the disk. There is no format option in OS 10.4.4. Instread, after selecting “Erase” in Disk Utility, one goes to “Security options” and clicks the button for “Zero out data”, then continues the erase. However, I’ve been running SD! successfully (post-disaster) with Sandbox, with all partitions merely erased. By the way, it took me a while to find out what “zeroing” a disk meant, somehow just didn’t make the connection. Your discussion with kswaty was extremely helpful for me. Two questions arise:

1. Why is it necessary to zero a disk or partition before putting SD! copies on them? Mine seems to work well without doing that. I could now go back and do it, starting over, now that I have learned to do it without vaporizing my user files, if it’s necessary.

2. I named my source partition “Mac HD”, Sandbox partition is named “Sandbox”, both on internal HD, and backup (on external disk) is simply “Backup”. That seems very satisfactory, nothing untoward is happening. Is there any problem with those names (vs “Macintosh HD” and “Macintosh HD Backup”? These make it easy to avoid confusion when setting up copy scripts and scheduled copying. One thing is certain: don’t ever change the name of the source partition after creating Sandbox, it doesn’t work.

It took some time and experimentation to get it right, almost gave up on Sandbox. Strange things kept happening, as if a gremlin was loose. User files, user apps, even Mail Address book entries and Safari Bookmarks, disappeared, then sometimes reappeared after I rebooted from the source volume. When I erased Sandbox, all returned to normal. It seems to have been caused by leaving the names for the HD partitions as the partition utility assigned them, I.e., “Macintosh HD_1”, “Macintosh HD_2” (aka Sandbox), etc. When I re-partitioned Macintosh HD and renamed the partitions as above, all just came together and seems to work as advertised. I’m loath to repeat the experiment, so can’t be sure I all the scripts were assigned correctly, but I was really careful. It was as if Sandbox couldn’t keep the names straight because they were too similar.
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