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OK: I can see that your sparse image is not nearly large enough to hold your backup:

|04:34:28 PM|Info| Target Drive: /Volumes/BACKUPSPARSEA1, name: BACKUPSPARSEA1, device: /dev/disk4s2 type: hfs, OS: N/A, capacity: 0.10 GB, used: 0.01 GB, directories: 3, files: 2

I'm certain you want to back up more than .10 Gigabytes!

It looks to me like you didn't put enough zeros when you created the image. From this bit of log, it looks like you need at least about 80GB, and I'm guessing you tried to create one with 100 GB.Try adding three more zeros to the size when creating it, as the example shows, and you should be all set.
--Dave Nanian
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