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New iMac - in with my Powerbook clone - procedure?

I've been using SD for some time now and it works perfectly. I'm about to buy me an iMac to use at home and I'll continue using my Powerbook as a real laptop from now on.

My current scenario is that I'm using the Powerbook G4 as my main & only Mac - backed up to an external iOmega tripple interface HD, cloned-"backup all files" using Smart Update.

I'm a bit puzzled with how I should sync my Powerbook and the new iMac so that I always have the same clone in both machines. Please help me out.

Is it the right procedure - to install the Mac OS X Tiger that my iMac is obviously coming with at the first place - I mean, as soon as I turn it on it'll ask me about my personal data, time zone etc etc, I'm not sure I can jump over that part at all. My goal here is to actualy clone from the external HD to the iMac and simply have all my needed apps and files there right away. Is this possible?

I guess I need to install the Super Duper on the iMac as well, boot from the external HD and chose to clone to the Macintosh HD on the iMac. Am I right here?

The _final_ goal is to always clone the Mac I've used last - to the external HD, then boot from it and clone the other machine.

Am I thinking right here? Thanks in advance :-)
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