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Unmountig the external HD

I'm backing up "all files" with the option that SD repairs permitions, copies files, makes bootable and at the end - sleeps my Powerbook. Works like a charm, when I get up in the morning, both my Powerbook - and the external iOmega tripple int. HD are sleeping.

Maybe my question isn't SD related at all but please allow me to ask - why won't my external HD go to sleep otherwise? With this I mean stop spinning and that the fan stops.

If I click on the little "eject" arrow in the Finder it unmounts the iOmega but it won't stop spinning unless I dissconnect the FW cable. When I close the lid of my Powerbook it goes to sleep and so does the external drive - then they wake up togehter when I open it again.

The Spotlight indexing of my external drive is dissabled at all times.

Thank you
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