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Log Files for Super Duper

I wanted to look at log files from past SuperDuper runs and I found them somewhat hard to locate. Viewing the log from within SuperDuper on my computer (running 10.3.9) only shows the most recent one.

I eventually found the log files inside this folder:

~/library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Saved Settings/.Default Settings.sdsp/Logs

but this is hard to get to because the
.Default Settings.sdsp
folder is an invisible one.

These logs are so hidden I presume that the software doesn't want users finding or looking at them, but I sometimes use the logs to compare behavior or even to recall which external drive I most recently did a backup to. I try to alternate backing up to different external firewire drives. I do them manually because I use a laptop and an automated schedule would not work, often the laptop is off site when the schedule would want to do the backup. If I miss a day I sometimes forget which external drive I did the most recent backup to.

So I have two questions:

1) Is there an easier way to view older logs other than using terminal to find this directory?

2) The reason I wanted to look at older log files was that I found this message in a recent log:

| 02:53:09 PM | Info | ...ACTION: Repairing permissions on Macintosh HD
| 02:53:09 PM | Info | ......COMMAND => Repairing permissions on Macintosh HD
| 02:53:48 PM | Info | : object: ./Applications/ malformed object (inconsistant sizeofcmds field in mach header)
| 02:56:13 PM | Info |
Started verify/repair permissions on disk disk0s9 Macintosh HD
| 02:56:13 PM | Info | Determining correct file permissions.

It was the "malformed object" item that interested me. This message appears in previous SuperDuper logs. But I don't get this message when repairing permissions from within Disk Utility.

Those are my two questions. Thanks in advance if you can answer them!'

P.S. Macfixit featured SuperDuper today with one of its "Gold Awards."
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