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Failed to enable ownership!

Hi all, first time post! Just bought SD so I can eliminate multiple partitions on my two Macs. I decided to test it out on my iMac G3 following what was suggested in the thread by sliderule53:

I name the external FW drive the same as the internal boot volume, New School. Proceeded to create a backup onto the FW. When done, rebooted to the external (Safe Boot), and everything is running great. So I take the big plunge, I repartition the iMac to a single volume and quick erase it. So now I try to get SD to copy back from the FW New School to the new iMac New School. However, I get "Failed to enable ownership on New_School". I Get Info on it , and it tells me I can read and write. so I try Ignore ownership on this volume, still can't copy over!

Any way to resolve or work around this? Please, I'm stuck. Thanks!
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