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If you want to try to reproduce it, do this:

1. Do a backup.
2. Find a Mail folder with 5000+ messages. Rename it in Mail.
3. Do another backup, using the "Smart Copy" option.

My issue here is that in this particular case, when the performance drops off to nearly zero, it makes "Smart Copy" actually slower than the regular dumb copy.

You say that the fact that the files are in a folder is irrelevant. If this is true, then you must be tracking the files by some other id. I'm wondering if perhaps the slowdown is when you have two files that have the same ID (i.e. they are the same file object) but they have different paths (because some joker like me renamed the enclosing folder). Maybe you can have your programmer check this particular case to see if there is some inefficiency?

My impression is that in this case, SuperDuper suddenly goes from being disk-bound to CPU-bound, and performance suffers as a result.
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