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Scheduling SuperDuper! with iCal

Now that SuperDuper! can be driven from an AppleScript it becomes trivial to use iCal to activate these scripts on a scheduled basis. Setting things up couldn't be easier....

a) Launch SuperDuper!

b) Configure SuperDuper! to have the desired properties for a backup.

c) Save the configuration using the SaveAs option in the File menu.

d) Click on the AppleScript found in the SuperDuper! folder.

e) Modify the AppleScript so that it references the saved configuration file.

f) Save the AppleScript as an application.

g) Quit SuperDuper!

h) Launch iCal.

i) Select an appropriate view, say weekly.

j) Double click on the date and time when the backup should run.

k) Select the "open file" option for the "alarm" property, and direct it to point to the AppleScript file saved in step f above.

l) You're on your way!
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